Preserving Rosemary

imageI love the smell of fresh herbs and until I can start growing my own herbs in our backyard, I usually pick them up at the local farmers market.  Of course every time you buy herbs, it always comes in an amount that can never be use unless you are planning to season everything with it.

So I thought….what should I do with the rest of the rosemary?  I decided to preserve it in oil and make some rosemary salt (both of which are super easy to do!). Continue reading


imageFor our anniversary dinner this year Andrew made reservations for us at a Japanese restaurant he has been eyeing for a while.  There are 2 seatings a night, we did the 5:15 one!

Kusakabe is a cozy restaurant located in the financial district of San Francisco, they just received their first Michelin Star rating this year!

They only serve Omakase (chef selection), but they do have an a la carte menu at the end if you want more food.

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