Alamere Falls – Point Reyes

A couple weeks ago we decided to continue the waterfall hikes with a trip to Alamere Falls. Located about one and a half hours away from SF, Point Reyes is one of the prettiest places in California.  Per usual we left our house pretty early, since people have said the Falls get very packed later in the day. The drive to up to Alamere Falls is a bit windy, but you get some great views of the ocean!

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Berry Creek Falls – Big Basin

This past weekend a few of us decided to head down to Big Basin and go for an outdoor adventure.  After the copious amounts of rain we got in the last couple weeks, a waterfall hike seemed to be the most logical decision. Big Basin Redwood State Park is about an hour and a half drive from the peninsula so we started our day early and arrived to the park at 8:30am.  As with most state parks there is an entrance fee of $10 per car, so plan to carpool! Continue reading

Big Sur & Point Lobos

This past weekend we headed to Big Sur & Monterey with Andrew’s parents.   Going down HWY 1 is one of my favorite because of the amazing views of the coast.  Thank you to Andrew Wong for all the amazing photos!

This was also the first time I have been to Point Lobos and absolutely loved the state park!

We weren’t able to do as many trails as I would have liked on this trip, but we definitely got in a good share of eating done. Continue reading

Mori Point

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the weekend we decided to go hiking at Mori Point in Pacifica.  I found a great trail that was approximately 6 miles that had amazing views of the ocean.   Although we live pretty close to Pacifica we have never stopped by, who knew that it is such a great place for a morning hike.

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Seal point

IMG_0009.JPGNow that we have two dogs, we spend most of our weekends trying to tire out the dogs! One of the places occasionally venture to is Seal Point Park  in San Mateo.  This place as there is trails and paths if you want to take your dog for a long walk, or there is a dog park just at the entrance of the park.   Continue reading

pretty pink bike

20140526-104627-38787700.jpgThis past weekend I was finally able to take my new bike out on a cruise. I have always wanted a cruiser bike and I got a pretty sweet deal from a friend for this pretty pink Public bike. Since the weather was beautiful Andrew and I decided to head over to Sawyer Camp trail right off of crystal springs road.

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makers faire

photo 2This weekend, we got free tickets to the Makers Faire in San Mateo.   I have heard great things in the past about Makers Faire and was excited we get to attend this year!   This is a yearly fair that consists of tons of DIY stations, new technologies and electronics, cool displays using ordinary things and lots more. Continue reading