Japan – Osaka (36 Hours)

Andrew and I were able to make a last-minute Japan trip this February due to a work offsite he had in Taiwan.  I decided to tag along and hang out in taiwan for a few days, then head off to Osaka and Kyoto.  We wanted our first Japan trip to be more historic and decided that with only a few days in Japan, Toyko would have to wait.  We arrived into KIX airport at around 6pm on a Friday night and took the rail from the airport to our hotel (Mitsui Garden Hotel).  Our hotel was super cute and had a great view of the water.  

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Alamere Falls – Point Reyes

A couple weeks ago we decided to continue the waterfall hikes with a trip to Alamere Falls. Located about one and a half hours away from SF, Point Reyes is one of the prettiest places in California.  Per usual we left our house pretty early, since people have said the Falls get very packed later in the day. The drive to up to Alamere Falls is a bit windy, but you get some great views of the ocean!

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Berry Creek Falls – Big Basin

This past weekend a few of us decided to head down to Big Basin and go for an outdoor adventure.  After the copious amounts of rain we got in the last couple weeks, a waterfall hike seemed to be the most logical decision. Big Basin Redwood State Park is about an hour and a half drive from the peninsula so we started our day early and arrived to the park at 8:30am.  As with most state parks there is an entrance fee of $10 per car, so plan to carpool! Continue reading

Exploring SoCal

We headed down to LA this past weekend for our friends 5 year anniversary celebration on Sunday night in Disneyland(post to come!).  We decided to take a few extra days to explore LA a bit and visit some family and friends. Continue reading

Big Sur & Point Lobos

This past weekend we headed to Big Sur & Monterey with Andrew’s parents.   Going down HWY 1 is one of my favorite because of the amazing views of the coast.  Thank you to Andrew Wong for all the amazing photos!

This was also the first time I have been to Point Lobos and absolutely loved the state park!

We weren’t able to do as many trails as I would have liked on this trip, but we definitely got in a good share of eating done. Continue reading

Home renovations for beginners

When Andrew and I purchased our first single family home, we did not realize how much work needed to be done until we moved in.  Although our  house was not a “fixer- upper” it definitely needed a major face lift.

As an avid HGTV viewer, I thought fixing up a home was as simple as hiring a contractor and all your dreams would come true… well that was not the case.  We spent the most time trying to figure out who to hire, the order of what professionals needed to come first, and who to choose. There are so many choices out there from architects, interior designers, kitchen designers, engineers, contractors, and full service firms, that it can be super overwhelming. After  talking to about 10-15 people from the list above and  going through the process of finally selecting a contractor, these are some of my lessons learned and helpful tips for your next renovation.
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Preserving Rosemary

imageI love the smell of fresh herbs and until I can start growing my own herbs in our backyard, I usually pick them up at the local farmers market.  Of course every time you buy herbs, it always comes in an amount that can never be use unless you are planning to season everything with it.

So I thought….what should I do with the rest of the rosemary?  I decided to preserve it in oil and make some rosemary salt (both of which are super easy to do!). Continue reading


imageFor our anniversary dinner this year Andrew made reservations for us at a Japanese restaurant he has been eyeing for a while.  There are 2 seatings a night, we did the 5:15 one!

Kusakabe is a cozy restaurant located in the financial district of San Francisco, they just received their first Michelin Star rating this year!

They only serve Omakase (chef selection), but they do have an a la carte menu at the end if you want more food.

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Back in action

I am back!

The past 6-9 months have been so insane that I have not had time to work on my blog or my store (in fact my store is on hiatus for now). The reason I started my blog was to document traveling, foods I love eating, and random everyday life events, so I can remember what my year looked like.  Over the last couple of months I kept forgetting about things I did, places I ate at, recipes I enjoyed, because so much has been going on.

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