I am a full time corporate working gal that lives in the I bay area with my husband Andrew and our two adorable french bulldogs Bleu & Taro!  Outside of my full-time job, I enjoy traveling, finding new local hiking trails, stuffing my face with food, finding a great bargain, and learning new DIY crafts.


I spend most of my free time with our dogs, taking them to local dog parks, walks around local trails.  When they are pooped out, I enjoy crafting for my Etsy store, cooking meals, and trying to find new local places to explore.

I created this blog as a way to document all the things I love.  A way for me to remember everyday experiences from going to the dog park to traveling international.  As time passes, we tend to forget the moments we spent with family and friends and how much we have done or achieved in that year!

I believe that important experiences are not defined by how exotic a location is, how much money is spent, or how elaborate they are, but by how it makes you feel.  I encourage readers to simply appreciate the little things in life, spend a little time to do what you love, and cherish every moment, and take some time to explore.


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