Japan – Osaka (36 Hours)

Andrew and I were able to make a last-minute Japan trip this February due to a work offsite he had in Taiwan.  I decided to tag along and hang out in taiwan for a few days, then head off to Osaka and Kyoto.  We wanted our first Japan trip to be more historic and decided that with only a few days in Japan, Toyko would have to wait.  We arrived into KIX airport at around 6pm on a Friday night and took the rail from the airport to our hotel (Mitsui Garden Hotel).  Our hotel was super cute and had a great view of the water.  

We ended the day finding an amazing taiyaki place and checking out pachinko and Japanese crane games where we spent a ton of money and won nothing….

The next day, our old friend Jon Brooks met us in the morning and joined us for our fun packed agenda that started with the Osaka Castle.  One of Osaka’s most famous landmarks, it was our first taste of the history of Japan.  This is also where Andrew got his “best yam ever” and I got my first soft serve ice cream in Japan, I soon found out that Japanese people really love icecream…. It was everywhere, and I got one every time!

For lunch we headed back to Dotonbori  to get our fix of sushi, we tried a conveyor belt restaurant since we heard that sushi everywhere is good.  Lets just say the fish was so fresh and amazing, the toro was so cheap we could not stop eating!

If anyone knows Andrew, the next stop was a mandatory stop (Aquarium).  We headed to the Osaka Aquarium and decided to purchase admission for both the aquarium and the ferris wheel… so romantic!  Apparently this is one of the largest public aquariums in the word, although it did not seem that big, the whale sharks were definitely a cool attraction.

After we rode the ferris wheel, our friend had to head back home for dinner so Andrew and I scurried over to the Umeda Sky building to catch the sunset.   The Sky building is a unique structure and amazing  360 views of the city.

DSC02313Although our trip to Osaka was short, we accomplished and saw a lot of things!  The next morning we headed over to Nara and Kyoto.

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