Alamere Falls – Point Reyes

A couple weeks ago we decided to continue the waterfall hikes with a trip to Alamere Falls. Located about one and a half hours away from SF, Point Reyes is one of the prettiest places in California.  Per usual we left our house pretty early, since people have said the Falls get very packed later in the day. The drive to up to Alamere Falls is a bit windy, but you get some great views of the ocean!

I have heard some great things about Alamere Falls and admit that while browsing yelp I was not exactly impressed but wanted to give it a shot. Well let me just say this was one of my all time favorite bay area hikes I have done.  The trail to the falls is a pretty low key and pleasant.  There is a ton of poison oak along the ten mile hike and the signs to the falls are definitely hard to spot if you are not paying attention.  Once you get out into the open space there is a little bit of a downhill climb but what you see is an amazing cascade of smaller waterfalls!12909458_10104328792227503_649107353367452915_o

Heading down a bit further (down one more cliff) is the main attraction….Alamere Falls. The cool thing about this waterfall is that it is a tide fall which is a rare waterfall that flows directly into the ocean.  There was plenty of people sitting on the beach and enjoying the waterfall so get there early to avoid the crowds!! Overall worth it and a great way to spend half your day!


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