Big Sur & Point Lobos

This past weekend we headed to Big Sur & Monterey with Andrew’s parents.   Going down HWY 1 is one of my favorite because of the amazing views of the coast.  Thank you to Andrew Wong for all the amazing photos!

This was also the first time I have been to Point Lobos and absolutely loved the state park!

We weren’t able to do as many trails as I would have liked on this trip, but we definitely got in a good share of eating done.First stop was Big Sur Bakery, this was the best meal of the whole weekend.  We ordered the breakfast pizza and the fried chicken.  The chicken was by far the best fried chicken I have had in a while, it was super soft and buttery with a nice crunch.  The place is pricey $20 for a small amount of fried chicken but it’s a cute spot. Be sure to come early to avoid the crowds on a nice weekend!

Once we were fully stuffed, our first hike was McWay Falls.  There is an entrance to the park where you can park, but I would definitely recommend parking in the street to avoid paying the hefty $10 entrance fee.  Super short and easy this would be considered more of a leisurely walk than a hike but offers some great views.

Since we had such a strenuous hike… our next stop was Nepenthe for lunch. I think this place is a bit overrated, we came here a couple of years ago and I was not impressed with the food, this time I felt the same.  It’s a great place to stop and take in the view and get a drink (Bloody Mary’s here are great!) but the food is mediocre at best considering the long wait and hectic parking situation.

Our last hike of the day was Point Lobos Cypress Point Trail on our way up to Monterey.   I have never been to Point Lobos before, but upon entering the park I knew I would have to come back later to explore more of the Nature Preserve. We did one of the easier hikes down Cypress Grove trail to the end of the coast.  The path is nicely paved and tree-lined, once you get to the coast there are some amazing views of the water, birds perching on rocks, and sea lions.





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