Preserving Rosemary

imageI love the smell of fresh herbs and until I can start growing my own herbs in our backyard, I usually pick them up at the local farmers market.  Of course every time you buy herbs, it always comes in an amount that can never be use unless you are planning to season everything with it.

So I thought….what should I do with the rest of the rosemary?  I decided to preserve it in oil and make some rosemary salt (both of which are super easy to do!).

Preserving in olive oil
You will need: olive oil, herb of your choice, ice-trays, plastic wrap, ziplock bag 

image1. Make sure you de-stem your rosemary and wash it thoroughly.

2. Once cleaned,pat dry and chop the herb if you like.  Add some rosemary into each ice-cube tray followed with some olive oil, cover with saran wrap and let it freeze overnight!

3. Once you take the ice-cubes out, I like to wrap each individual cube in saran wrap, then put it all in a zip-lock bag.  This keeps each cube fresh and easy to use when needed.  Enjoy!



Rosemary Salt Seasoning
You will need: salt, herbs of your choice,food processor, canning jar

image1. Make sure you de-stem your rosemary and wash it thoroughly.

2. Lay out rosemary and salt on an oven rack and cook on 200 degrees until the rosemary crumbles in your hand (it took me about 15 minutes).

3. Throw it all in a food processor, blend till your desired texture and make sure to store it in an air tight container!

Throw this seasoning on your next dish!  I love using it on chicken or lamb, with a side of rosemary roasted potatoes!


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