imageFor our anniversary dinner this year Andrew made reservations for us at a Japanese restaurant he has been eyeing for a while.  There are 2 seatings a night, we did the 5:15 one!

Kusakabe is a cozy restaurant located in the financial district of San Francisco, they just received their first Michelin Star rating this year!

They only serve Omakase (chef selection), but they do have an a la carte menu at the end if you want more food.

imageThe meal started out with a nice cup of kelp tea (considered first course), it was definitely unique and quite tasty if you like seaweed.

There are 8 courses in total, most of the them are small in size but pack a bunch of flavor. The last course (the finale) you can choose between the Toro or the grade 5 wagyu beef.  Since I love both, I had the opportunity to get the one I didn’t choose at the end of the meal!

Overall this place has great sushi, mouth-watering Wagyu, melt in your mouth Toro, and some amazing hot dishes as well!

First course:  Chef selection of sushi (tuna, halibut, bonito)image

Second course: Sashimi on ice (tuna and scallops) – sweetest and most delicious raw scallops I have ever had!image

Third course: Fish cake soup (with corn inside) – amazing flavor, I really enjoyed this dish!image

Fourth course: A variety of small bites including (from left to right: jelly fish, unagi, oyster, tuna on wonton, rice covered beef ball)image
Fifth course: Japanese fried fish with truffles, shishito pepper, and charcoal miso sauce.image

Six course:  There was more chef selection sushi – I FORGOT A PHOTO 😦

Seventh course: finale (Toro or Wagyu), I got both and they are both amazing.  The Wagyu is 25% marbled and melts in your mouth!

You always end a meal with Dessert! Lobster egg sushi (taste like cake!) and parfait.

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