Back in action

I am back!

The past 6-9 months have been so insane that I have not had time to work on my blog or my store (in fact my store is on hiatus for now). The reason I started my blog was to document traveling, foods I love eating, and random everyday life events, so I can remember what my year looked like.  Over the last couple of months I kept forgetting about things I did, places I ate at, recipes I enjoyed, because so much has been going on.

So what has been going on?

In a nut shell:  we sold our town-home in San Mateo, moved into my old place in Santa Clara (2 months) and renovated the place, bought a house in San Mateo, found new tenants, moved into new home, start renovations.

I thought it would be nice to share what I have been up to since my last real blog post back in November for Andrew’s birthday.  Like I mentioned in my summary we decided to sell Andrew’s townhouse back in Jan/Feb of this year due to the fact that we were looking to get  a single family home and his place had appreciated in value. We spent a couple of months getting the house ready to sell including: staging, painting, meeting realtors, ect.  We encountered a few issues selling our place including a nice surprise on our inspection report, issues with the buyers down-payment, and much more, but in the end we ultimately got the place sold!

Our initial plan was to buy/sell at the same time or buy a place first, but we were pretty unsuccessful in some of our recent home bids.  In the end we decided to take our time and move into my place in Santa Clara while continuing to look.  We moved into Santa Clara in May, spent some time getting my place remodeled for future tenants.

If that wasn’t crazy enough, we put one last offer on a single family home back in San Mateo (after about 3 failed attempts) and decided if we did not get this one we would wait till the market settled down a bit….. OF COURSE we got the house.  The home was everything we were looking for in a single family house but it was a 21 day close… which meant more craziness! Finally, we moved in at the end of July and have spent the last couple of weeks settling in and meeting the neighbors!

As you can see its been a whirlwind of events at times it was very stressful and emotional, but in the end we are happy with how everything turned out.  Now that the dust has settled a bit I FINALLY…. decided to revamp my site to make it easier to navigate, and take the time to blog again.  I decided to have a section about our new home and home renovations.  Although we have not officially started the renovations, I can not only document before and after but help people navigate the process of renovations (since I have found this process to be pretty complicated and time consuming).

I am excited for our new adventure and hope you will be too!



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