weekday travels to yosemite

DSC00935Since Andrew had a few days off from work, we decided to take off a couple days and head up to Yosemite National Park.  I have not been here since an elementary school trip and I was excited to check out some amazing views. The photos below are taken by my amazing husband, so please enjoy!

We packed up snacks, lunch, and dinner and left early Wednesday morning.  After about a 3.5 hour drive we finally arrived and stopped to have lunch at Swinging Bridge.  The location is great, wonderful views, right by the water which was nice to take a dip in since it was so hot!DSC00617Our first hike of the day was Vernal Falls.  This was one of the stronger waterfalls running during this trip, the other waterfalls were pretty dried up.  This one was AMAZING!  There are places where you can get so close to the waterfall and feel the strong mist and gusts of winds.  The trail is moderately hard as there are tons of steps and the 90 degree weather did not help.DSC00727 DSC00699 DSC00662Bridal veil was our next stop, but the waterfall was not running and we were pretty tired from our 4 hour hike to Vernal.  We spent the rest of the night taking sunset and star shots at Tunnel View and Glacier Point. DSC00946  DSC00803The next day, we headed to the upper falls trail.  This trail was definitely harder than Vernal Falls and not as satisfying.  This hike has tons of switchbacks and lots of rocky paths, it’s partially covered so that made the trek a little easier.  The good thing about this trail is you get a great view of the valley floor, and once you get a little closer you get a close glimpse of the waterfall. However, due to the dry season the waterfall was so small.DSC00974 DSC00983Overall it was a great small adventure to break up the week!


2 thoughts on “weekday travels to yosemite

  1. Lorraine says:

    Awesome summary – and the photos are amazing. Consider canvasing it – I did it with a pic of me by Vernal Falls. It’s breathtaking!


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