pretty pink bike

20140526-104627-38787700.jpgThis past weekend I was finally able to take my new bike out on a cruise. I have always wanted a cruiser bike and I got a pretty sweet deal from a friend for this pretty pink Public bike. Since the weather was beautiful Andrew and I decided to head over to Sawyer Camp trail right off of crystal springs road.

This is the first time I have been on this trail. It’s a great trail since it’s right along the reservoir and has plenty of lush greenery. There are plenty of walkers, runners, bikers, and even rollerblading, something for everyone to enjoy!

20140526-104900-38940109.jpgIt’s a nice 6 mile ride out to the dam, the roads are nicely paved and the trail provides a mix of good shade and plenty of sun!  Once you get to the dam it is a great open area with water on one side and tons of greenery on the other side.

20140526-105029-39029232.jpg20140526-195710-71830999.jpgIf anyone knows of any other great easy biking trails around the bay area let me know! I am waiting to get my wick basket for my bike so I can carry some goodies…mostly snacks and maybe have a little picnic!

Till then… go outdoors and enjoy nature, happy riding!


One thought on “pretty pink bike

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