washi tape art tutorial

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWashi tape is amazing, easy to use, comes in a variety of patterns, and most of all you can use it to create the coolest things!

I decided to create some washi tape art with the help of my hand dandy Silhouette.

Of course I decided to create these awesome Frenchie art work, one to place at home and one to take to the office!  Also a great idea is to make Initials for a kids room, your office, etc.

Make your own or purchase one of my creations here!

– Variety of washi tapes
– Parchment paper
– Electronic cutter / or exacto knife (if no cutter – harder for complex designs)
– Card Stock ( I choose white)
– Frame

1. Create your washi tape pattern on your parchment paper

2. Use your machine to cut out the shape of your desired artwork

3. Remove the parchment backing ( you now have a washi tape sticker)

4.  Place your cut out on a piece of cardstock and place in frame!

Ta-da!! Enjoy your new art work!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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