soup dumplings (XLB) …so yummy!

photo 1-3A while back one of my co-workers sent me this blog article comparing all the various xiao long bao (小籠包) In the bay area.  A long long time ago 10+ years when I was back in Taiwan, I did have the opportunity to try the original Din Tai Fung in Taipei, which was AMAZING!

Till this day when I think of soup dumplings, I always remember the delicious and juicy taste of Din Tai Fung.

When I saw this article I knew I had to try to find a good place in the bay area. The only one on the list I have been to is Shanghai dumpling king (#6) which I found to be better than what the reviews said (skin is thicker than the #1 location).  I have ordered them at other restaurants but found them not to be worthy.

Naturally, I decided the first place to go was the blogs #1 choice, Dumpling Kitchen on Taraval (why waste your time on the others, when you can have the best).  We arrived just a little before 12, and there was no line.   Once they came out, they looked amazing, but were they really as good as the blog raved?

One word….DELICIOUS…melt in your mouth goodness!  The dumplings were perfectly soft with tons of meat juice and the skin to meat ratio was just perfect.  It did not feel like you were getting a whole bunch of skin. I would say the blog did the perfect job explaining the overall experience.  All of us were surprised how good the were and could not stop eating!  I can not wait to go back.

photo 2-2

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