a new puppy… what!

1510523_10102532624726573_427376664_nAndrew and I have been thinking about getting another dog for a while.  We have had such a wonderful time raising Bleu and think she would benefit greatly from getting another friend!  (I think Bleu is excited too…what do you think?)We contemplated on if we should get a different type of dog this time around to change it up but ultimately decided that another Frenchie would be just perfect.  Frenchies have great temperaments, they are low-key,  do not require a lot of exercise, and they are super loyal, but mostly they are just extremely adorable.  I also wanted to get another dog because I have secret ideas about how my dogs would be besties, sleep together, and hang out all the time!

2This past weekend we went to go look at a litter of puppies from Fog City French bulldogs, Sue (the owner) does a wonderful job making sure her dogs have great temperaments. I don’t know why I thought we would go and “just look” because clearly when you see puppies you can’t say no!  We knew when we left, we were going to end up getting this little cuddle bug (her down there…she’s the one we choose!)

1Stay tuned for more updates on our little nugget and we are working on names… so if you have any suggestions on what to name the little bugger please share!!!!


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