ramen style please

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA month ago my parents sent me an email on how to make my own ramen burger.   I have heard of the ramen burger craze, however was not particularly impressed as I couldn’t imagine how it could be delicious.  I thought it was funny and forwarded it to Andrew, of course five seconds later I get an email saying “LETS DO IT!!!”

Since it was our turn to host dinner for our friends, we thought what better way they to share with them the pleasure of the ramen burger.   Andrew and I followed the directions and even made our own beef patties.


It seemed like such an easy recipe to follow, however making the buns was a very laborious process.  The recipe calls for 1 package per burger, but the consensus around the table that it was way to much ramen.  For those who want to make this, I would highly suggest using 1 package per every two buns. The ramen bun was surprisingly soft and incredibility filling.

The process took a while, but the burger did turn out pretty delicious!  I would definitely make the buns the night before as it does take time to cool and mold the ramen.  I would love to know if you have actually tried a ramen burger and what you think!


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