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Mag1I am so excited that our wedding back in August was featured in the most recent publication of Bridal Guide.  It is amazing how well the feature captured the details of the day and seeing how seven months of hard work all came together.

I have never been super creative before our wedding, a lot of my DIY elements came from the realization that anything attached to the word “wedding” costs about 100% more than what you would normally pay for it. While you can make most  things for half of the costs, it does take time and resources.

I thought that our wedding turned out amazing and exactly what I envisioned. I spent a lot of time from the moment we got engaged (Nov 2012) until our wedding, planning the little details and aspects of the wedding.  A lot of time was spent on Pinterest gathering ideas and ultimately tying those ideas together.

I spent a-lot of time each weekend working on little things like creating our handmade invitations, embossing invitation envelopes, making the guest book, wedding programs, spray painting guest table decor, table numbers, escort cards, guest favors, and creating tissue paper pom-poms.

For those who are looking to add many DIY elements to your wedding….utilize your friends!!!  Although many people offered to help me, I never utilized them because I thought they were just being nice.  People who usually offer genuinely want to help make your day amazing.

mag2While planning a wedding takes up alot of time, these few things I did made it much more manageable.

1. Hire a day of wedding coordinator

This was one of the first tips I got and let me tell you best decision ever! Wedding coordinators come in a range of services from full service, partial, to day of coordination. We choose to go with a day of coordinator (they usually work with you 1-2 months before the wedding) to ensure that the wedding logistics went smooth.  They usually include coordination of vendors, setting up, making sure everything is on track, adjusting as needed, ect. This made the day stress free and allows the bride and groom to really enjoy the wedding. 

2. Set a timeline for yourself

A timeline is crucial especially if you are making a lot of things yourself. I have seen many people who stay up days before the wedding trying to get final touches together.  Make sure you set deadlines and stick to those deliverable. If you do it early, you will be stress free weeks leading up to the wedding.

3. Don’t try to please everyone

Many times family or friends think that when you’re getting married, its like they are getting married.  I am not saying to be a bridezilla or a psycho bitch, just set expectations and be firm about what you want.  There are times you can compromise but sometimes requests can be unreasonable and its okay to say no.

4. Have fun and enjoy the day

The most important thing is that on the day of your wedding, don’t stress over imperfections.  Really enjoy the moment you’re in and do not over think things go with the flow.  People are there to have fun and aren’t really going to notice.

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